Stefano Panichi lives in Milan. 


The work explores two juxtaposed features of human nature:

I paint only human flesh, “Belief in Flesh” inspired by Artaud’s thought as a combination of fibres, fluids, energies. This is a concrete device, a tangle, an array of lines, which intertwine continuing others or creating new ones through variations and mutations.

Belief in Flesh, is to believe in the body as an immanent condition that witnesses life. It’s the first impulse, which isn’t in the hands of man (Cervantes). It is necessary to believe not in another world, but in the bond between man and the world, in love and life.

To believe in it as in the impossible, in the unthinkable, which, nevertheless, can only be thought. The inability to think isn’t mere inferiority: it belongs to thought; to the way it is formulated, without expecting to restore an almighty thought.

Rather, it is necessary to use this inability to find the identity between thought and life, to connect man to what he sees and feels.

Hence the second part of the work.

It’s a never-ending transformation, what’s new, what’s recent. What’s recent isn’t what we are, but instead what we no longer are, what we are becoming, our becoming something else.